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extraprima Bordeaux2018 15 HIGH ACHIEVER WHITE WINE OF THE VINTAGE HAUT-BERGEY Péssac-Léognan HIGH ACHIEVER SWEET WINE OF THE VINTAGE CLOS HAUT PEYRAGUEY Sauternes 93 – 94 | Haut-Bergey is one of the most reliable and inexpensive white Bordeaux. With a lot of juiciness and mineral pressure. 96 – 97 | The Clos Haut Peyraguey convinces with incredible tension and complexity. Fruity, offensive, with a lot of juice and body. NEWCOMER OF THE VINTAGE GRAND CORBIN DESPAGNE Saint-Emilion REVIVAL OF THE VINTAGE DUCRU-BEAUCAILLOU Saint-Julien 94 – 95 | Francois Despagne has produced the best Grand Corbin of all time. It has never had such fine, noble tannins! 97 – 98 | This is finally another classic Ducru-Beaucaillou of great depth and charisma. SECOND WINE OF THE VINTAGE HAUT-BAILLY II Péssac-Léognan CRU BOURGEOIS OF THE VINTAGE MEYNEY AND CAPBERN both from Saint-Estèphe With the proud name »Haut-Bailly II« on the label, the quality has also been raised to a new level. The Capbern-Meyney Festival at the head of the Cru Bourgeois. In the 2015 to 2018 vintage quartet, it was consistently big!

Bordeaux2018 | Bordeaux, Bordeaux Supérieur extraprima 16 Bordeaux, Bordeaux Supérieur 93 – 95 LES PERRIÈRES DE LAFLEUR Bordeaux Parker 92 – 94 | Suckling 93 – 94 | The top cuvée of the Grand Village vineyard of the Guinaudeau family from the famous Château Lafleur, which was previously known as »Acte«, has now been renamed »Les Perrières de Lafleur«. The grapes grow on limestone in the Fronsac area and are cultivated mainly by »selection massale« from the old vineyards of Château Lafleur. In addition to Merlot, it is primarily the traditional grape Bouchet, a variety of Cabernet Franc. To the Guinaudeau family, this distinction between the classic Bouchet of the »rive droite« and the normal Cabernet Franc, as cultivated in the Loire valley, is fundamental, as the genetic and aromatic differences between each other are apparent. In fact, with the 2018 vintage, a new qualitative era breaks at Grand Village, which is reflected in the Les Perrières. Over the last few years, the Guinaudeaus have been able to sharpen the profile of all wines significantly, precision and freshness in the whites, as well as complexity and depth in the reds. The 2018 Les Perrières de Lafleur consists of 51 % Bouchet and 49 % Merlot, aged 35 % in new barrels, and reached 14.8 % alcohol. It has a dark, impenetrable color. Intense, highly compressed, and still very youthful, it presents a closed bouquet. Tight and full in the mouth, with a lot of softness and subtle acidity, its generous body builds up in the mouth, with a loose, floating tannin structure, very finely interwoven and long on the palate. It has excellent race and finesse, as well as a cool-looking fruit that attains a penetrating presence with great elegance and depth. Not only the name shows an apparent reference to the exceptional character of Lafleur, in 2018, the wine does it as well. 92 – 94 GRAND VILLAGE Bordeaux Parker 90 – 93 | Suckling 91 – 92 | The winery Grand Village in Fronsac belongs to the Guinaudeau family from the famous Château Lafleur in Pomerol. The grapes grow on limestone, so the wine has a particularly firm and clear structure. 2018 is likely to be the best Grand Village so far. It achieved a proud 14.8 % alcohol. The 20 % new barrels in which the Grand Village ages are used only for a short time and go then into the production of Château Lafleur, so that this Pomerol does not receive too much »new oak«. Still very reserved and youthful, for Grand Village unusual dark-berry nose instead of red-fruit. Tight and full-bodied in the mouth, with vibrant acidity and full-bodied richness, the Grand Village shows a lot of power and is tightly organized and a little more austere, with a great flow. Its delicate fruit is driven by high concentration and inner compression; the tannins are fine-grained and widely spread. An excellent little Bordeaux! 92 – 93 GOULÉE Bordeaux Parker 90 – 92 | Suckling 92 – 93 | The Goulée grows some 25 km north of Cos d’Estournel and was harvested from 18 th September to 4 th October. The excellent 2018 consists of 73 % Merlot, 21 % Cabernet Sauvignon and 6 % Cabernet Franc. It ages in 20 % new barrels and has 13.7 % alcohol, as well as a dark, dense color. Rich and lush, it presents itself with much substance and intensity, it is opulent and spicy, with complex flavors. Its rich structure is fresh and transparent, with subtle, red berry fruitiness and a full-bodied finish. Nina Mitjavile, Roc de Cambes 92 – 93 LE PIN BEAUSOLEIL Bordeaux Supérieur Parker 83 – 85 | Suckling 91 – 92 | The 2018 Le Pin Beausoleil is an excellent success for a Bordeaux Supérieur. Only 20 hl per hectare were harvested by hand, half of the wine ages in new barrels of the Tonnelleries Taransaud and Ana Selection. Le Pin Beausoleil is planted with 75 % Merlot, but the Assemblage consists of 66 % Cabernet Franc and only 34 % Merlot with a total of 14.4 % alcohol. Full of dark berries, dense and richly structured, with lots of substance and juice on the palate, this 2018 Bordeaux Supérieur presents itself as the best vintage to date for this estate. Powerful and with a lot of pressure, Le Pin Beausoleil offers a luscious body, with racy acidity, generous sweetness, high intensity, and perfect freshness. In relation to the quality, the mere 6,000 bottles should be sold in no time at all. 91 – 92 DOMAINE DE CAMBES Bordeaux WeinWisser 18/20 The Mitjavile family age all their wines every year in 100 % new barrels, including the 2018 Domaine de Cambes, which consists of about 80 % Merlot and 20 % Cabernet Franc. It grows below the terraced vineyards of the Roc de Cambes of the same winery on the banks of the Gironde across the street and is classified only as Bordeaux. Tight, intense, and full-bodied, with the typical, meaty richness and weight of all Mitjavile wines, the 2018 Domaine de Cambes is particularly creamy and smooth on the palate. Long structured, still endowed with the juvenile sharpness and edges, which will give it his very own character after bottling. 90 – 91 BALTHUS DE REIGNAC Bordeaux Supérieur Suckling 90 – 91 | The Balthus is a pure Merlot selection from the Château Reignac in the Entre-deux-Mers area. Since the Merlot turned out in the 2018 vintage to be less aromatic and unusually dark berry-scented in most Bordeaux wines, the Balthus was not able to gain a lot against the Grand Vin Reignac. Massive, black, viscous color. Tar, graphite, and liquorice smell from the glass with little core-flavor or fruit. On the palate as well, this highly concentrated and slightly over-extracted colossus shows little fruit in the middle. As a result, it is currently acting rather unaromatic, hollow and dull. Only in the dense aftertaste, some sweet fruit notes appear, together with some thick tannins on the palate. If everything arranges itself, this inaccessible Balthus can also increase in rating. However, it will hardly gain in elegance. Ratings in red and all descriptions by Thomas Boxberger © 2019. Other ratings: Suckling = James Suckling | Parker = Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate Translation of the wine descriptions: Thomas Boxberger and Leo Constantin von Schaabner

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