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extraprima Pauillac | Bordeaux2018 27 Pauillac 99 – 100 LATOUR Pauillac Parker 98 – 100 | Suckling 99 – 100 | WeinWisser 19.5/20 At Latour everybody was happy with the first certified organic vintage of 2018. At the same time, the mildew problem of the vintage gave a bit of concern as most of the organic producers in Bordeaux had severe losses in yield. With 28 hl per hectare, the team around Fréderic Engerer can again be lucky. Some of the biodynamic run estates such as Palmer or Pontet-Canet made just a mere 10 hl per hectare. Additionally because of the drought Cabernet produced smaller berries, harvested over a prolonged period from the 19 th of September to the 11 th of October. The Grand Vin reached 14.3 % alcohol and is representing 37 % of the total production. The Latour 2018 consists of 91 % Cabernet Sauvignon and 9 % Merlot, 7.4 % of the press wine went into the Assemblage, the aging takes place in 100 % new barrels. Massive, black color. Closed and massive also in the nose, highly condensed, intense, and powerful, it shows the typical Latour flavors. Saturated, fleshy, dense, linear, and pithy, 2018 is a very compact, wide-bodied Pauillac, eternally long and always fresh on the palate, with terrific tension and depth. Although it does not have quite as much grip to the smooth acidity, the race of fine-grained tannins makes up for it in the finish. The 2018 Latour is a generous and widely spread wine that seems to be made out of one piece and has an enormous tension and polished structure. Because of its very well-balanced great richness and evenly formed mouthfeel, it seems less sensational than it really is. 99 – 100 MOUTON-ROTHSCHILD Pauillac Parker 97 – 99 | Suckling 100 | WeinWisser 20/20 Philippe Dallhuin had only about 2 % damage due to mildew at Mouton-Rothschild. For the Cabernets on pebble soils, however, he had to accept a lower yield by small berries. In the end the yield was 28 hl per hectare. Harvested from the 10 th of September to the 3 rd of October. Due to the high proportion of skins of about 50 % to 50 % with juice, Philippe decided for a prolongued maceration time with a smoother extraction at lower fermentation temperature for the Cabernets and a shorter cuvasion for the Merlots. The assemblage consists of 86 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 12 % Merlot and 2 % Cabernet Franc with 13.8 % alcohol. The Mouton 2018 has a black color. Massive, dense and with a dark berry fruit, this archetypical Mouton presents itself very compact, extremely deep and widely spread on the palate, with the classic leadpencil note and bursting fruit flavours. It shows an enormously broad tannin structure, eternally depth, remains always fresh and transparent, with phenomenal purity. This Mouton uses one of the widest frames of the vintage, is endlessly long and balanced, with magnificent extraction. Better than Lafite, this Mouton is at the same level with Latour. This will be a long-lasting, classic Mouton of great typicity. Bravo! Ratings in red and all descriptions by Thomas Boxberger © 2019. Other ratings: Suckling = James Suckling | Parker = Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate Translation of the wine descriptions: Thomas Boxberger and Leo Constantin von Schaabner

Bordeaux2018 | Pauillac extraprima 28 96 – 97 LYNCH-BAGES Pauillac Parker 96 – 98 | Suckling 97 – 98 | WeinWisser 19/20 Lynch-Bages always is one of the best Pauillacs. But the 2018 carries something particularly appealing, convincing, even fascinating in itself. Lynch-Bages lost about 20 % to mildew, harvesting 37 hl per hectare, 60 % of which went into the Grand Vin. It consists of 72 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 19 % Merlot, 6 % Cabernet Franc and 3 % Petit Verdot. It ages in 70 % new barrels and has 14.1 % alcohol. The measured tannin content is extremely high with an IPT of 95! Black color. Super-concentrated, full and sweet, with a particularly appealing freshness and attractive fruit. Its liqueur top note has something hypnotizing, the aromas are quite polished and clear, with linear and deeply arranged components. Firm on the palate, closed and densely woven, it operates with a high concentration in the finish. Very solid and compact on the palate, with abundant dark berry fruit, spicy and long. This Lynch- Bages is currently much longer in the finish than both Pichons and in my opinion is the best Pauillac directly behind the Premier Crus! Thomas Boxberger and Philippe Dhalluin Sylvie Cazes 97 – 98 LAFITE-ROTHSCHILD Pauillac Parker 98 – 100 | Suckling 99 – 100 | WeinWisser 20/20 At Lafite the mildew was fought with great effort even on the weekends, so major damage could be avoided and proudly almost 40 hl per hectare were harvested from the 17 th of September to the 5 th of October. Given the 35-hour week, this effort does not seem to be so easy to achieve in France. 91 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 8.5 % Merlot and 0.5 % Petit Verdot are representing the Grand Vin, which accounts for about 36 % of the production. It is aged in 100 % new barrels and reached 13.4 % alcohol. Dark, massive color. Distinguished, dark berry fruit and liqueur in the nose, the 2018 looks extremely concentrated and compacted and appears unusually massive and powerful for a young Lafite. Super-tight and close-meshed, the tannins appear a bit rougher than in Mouton and Latour, yet they are very fine and distinguished. Supersaturated and powerful in the mouth, round and soft, wonderfully creamy, as well as enormously fresh and clear. This Lafite is extremely deep and complex, not heavy, almost light, lingering with juicyness and tar, accompanied by licorice and elder from the small content of Petit Verdot. This is a very stylish Lafite whose massive interpretation in development will be interesting to follow. 95 – 96 CLERC-MILON Pauillac Parker 93 – 95 | Suckling 95 – 96 | WeinWisser 19/20 Clerc-Milon was harvested from the 17 th of September to the 10 th of October. This powerful Clerc Milon consists of 60 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 27 % Merlot, 9 % Cabernet Franc, 3 % Petit Verdot and 1 % Carmenere and has a black, impenetrable color. Super-tight in the nose with a red to dark berry fruit component. Massive and racy in the mouth, clearly fleshier and more intense than usual, it shows great extraction and freshness. Its fine grained tannins are broad and profoundly arranged. It has a massive presence, is eternally long and spicy. An excellent Clerc Milon in the top flight of the best Pauillacs right behind the Premier Crus.

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