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extraprima Saint-Julien

extraprima Saint-Julien | Bordeaux2018 Saint-Julien 35 98 – 99 LÉOVILLE LAS CASES Saint-Julien Parker 98 – 100 | Suckling 99 – 100 | WeinWisser 20/20 From the 15 th of September to the 4 th of October, Léoville Las Cases harvested 35.5 hl per hectare, with a fairly low pH of 3.65, which is very beneficial for transparency and freshness to the wine. The assemblage consists of 80 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 11 % Cabernet Franc and 9 % Merlot, aging in 90 % new barrels with 14.4 % alcohol. The 2018 Léoville Las Cases has a solid, dark color. Dark-berried fruit, highly condensed, massive and still quite closed, it shows saturated and profound in the nose. Firm and clear it starts in the mouth, with a wide structure and a cool dark-berry fruit. Lead pencil tip and tar are present, a high extract sweetness and finely grained tannins can be found in the richly structured midpalate. Eternally deep, spicy and with great character, Las Cases in this vintage reveals more a Latour typology than a real Saint-Julien. In this monumental Las Cases neither alcohol nor even a hint of oak is obvious. Definitely on Premier Cru level! 96 – 97 LÉOVILLE-BARTON Saint-Julien Parker 94 – 96 | Suckling 95 – 96 | WeinWisser 19/20 At Léoville-Barton mildew was under control and the yield reached 40 – 50 hl per hectare. The assemblage contains of 82 % Cabernet Sauvignon and 18 % Merlot aged in 60 % new barrels with 14 % alcohol. Dark color. Massive, dense and profound, the Léoville-Barton has a lot of richness and great opulence in the nose. The dark-berry fruit is equally present on the palate again. Powerful and full-bodied, this Léville-Barton always remains fresh and sweet, with an intense presence, rich tannins, filigree acidity and excellent length. The 2018 is a beefy, massively concentrated Léoville Barton with fine-grained noble tannin structure. 97 – 98 DUCRU-BEAUCAILLOU Saint-Julien Parker 97– 99 | Suckling 98 –99 | WeinWisser 19.5/20 Together with Lalande Borie, Bruno-Eugène Borie’s properties cover approximately 100 hectares in the appellation Saint-Julien. For the Grand Vin Ducru-Beaucaillou there are 30 hectares in production, the yield was 30 – 35 hl per hectare, harvested from the 19 th of September to the 10 th of October. A pretty long four to five weeks Ducru Beaucaillou was macerated on the skins. The 2018 is made from 85 % Cabernet Sauvignon and 15 % Merlot, aged in 100 % new barrels with 14.5 % alcohol. The 2018 Ducru Beaucaillou has a pitch black color. Its dark scented, massive Cabernet nose is impressively full and voluminous, with coffee, tar, licorice and graphite, a lot of balsamic sweetness showing no woody influence at all. Full, intense and broad in the mouth, this is one of the best Ducrus of recent years and is reminiscent of the earlier, classic style of the 90s under Xavier Borie. With great intensity, powerful and massive, it remains fresh and clear, bulky, sweet and broad-shouldered, with enormous acidity and terrific depth. The large scaled, fine tannins have a big impact and are reminiscent of the 1996, but with more density, and higher concentration. Terrific Ducru! 96 – 97 LÉOVILLE-POYFERRÉ Saint-Julien Parker 94 – 96 | Suckling 97 – 98 | WeinWisser 18/20 At Léoville-Poyferré there were a few problems with mildew, the yield was 43 hl per hectare, harvested from the 24 th of September to the 12 th October. The Grand Vin consists of 64 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 30 % Merlot, 3 % Cabernet Franc and 3 % Petit Verdot. It is aged in 80 % new barrels with 14 % alcohol. The Léoville- Poyferré has a black color with a purple rim. As always, Léoville-Poyferré has a dense, full and intense nose with enormous power and fullness. Fresh and concentrated, in the mouth it seems less muscular than usual. Highly compact, deep and clear, it still has a very high concentration and great richness, with tightly woven tannins and plenty of volume.

Bordeaux2018 | Saint-Julien extraprima 36 95 – 96 BRANAIRE-DUCRU Saint-Julien Parker 92 – 94 | Suckling 95 – 96 The Branaire-Ducru was harvested from the 19 th of September to the 10 th of October. The Grand Vin has 58 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 33 % Merlot, 5 % Petit Verdot and 4 % Cabernet Franc blend at 14.3 % alcohol. Dark, massive color. Fleshy, intense, dense and sweet, the Branaire-Ducru smells with liqueur and offensive fruit character. High intensity, great freshness and plenty of juice it promotes in the mouth, with a tightly woven, rich structure, long and with lively acidity due to the low pH of 3.6. The multi-layered tannins are very fine-grained and well-balanced. A really classy Grand Cru, which always counts to the affordable, reliable values! Jean-Dominique Videau 94 – 95 SAINT-PIERRE Saint-Julien Parker 94 – 96 | Suckling 93 – 94 | The Saint-Pierre consists of 77 % Cabernet Sauvignon and 23 % Merlot. It ages in 50 % new barrels and has a solid dark color. Intense, sweet, opulent, and lush, it smells of dark berry fruit. Compact and very penetrating, the Saint-Pierre shows a lot of grip on the tongue, with massive, slightly dry tannins. Its high concentration is accompanied by aromas of coffee, tar, graphite, and chocolate, rich in extracts. It is offensive, and long-lasting — an excellent, intensely powerful Saint-Pierre at the limit of extraction ability. 94 – 95 TALBOT Saint-Julien Parker 91 – 93 | Suckling 94 – 95 | At Talbot, mildew was under control, and the team was able to harvest 45 hl per hectare from the 19 th of September to the 10 th of October. The assemblage of the Grand Vin includes 66 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 29 % Merlot, and 5 % Petit Verdot with 14 % alcohol; the aging takes place in 60 % new barrels. Fleshy, dark-berried, and pithy, the Talbot appears, with plenty of pressure and crisp acidity, very rich and bright. The massive extraction of the fleshy Talbot is loosely woven and tightly knit, with very close-fitting tannins, right length, and great spiciness. It has perfect tension and freshness, lively play, and a lot of excitement. It’s worth following. 93 – 94 CLOS DU MARQUIS Saint-Julien Parker 92 – 94 | Suckling 94 – 95 | The Clos du Marquis consists of 64 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 30 % Merlot and 6 % Cabernet Franc, brings a staggering 14.5 % alcohol to the scales and ages in 55 % new barrels. The Clos du Marquis has an unusually dark color. Dense, creamy and round, the Clos du Marquis presents itself with rich, juicy fruit, lots of flesh, eternally long and with spicy pungency on the finish, supporting tar and graphite notes. The fine centerpiece shows great character and core. Its compact dark-berry fruit is exceptionally fresh and brings a juicy aspect to the long finish. The usual red berry component of the Clos du Marquis does not exist in this vintage. 95 – 96 GRUAUD-LAROSE Saint-Julien Parker 95 – 97 | Suckling 95 – 96 The Gruaud Larose was composed of 67 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 24 % Merlot and 9 % Cabernet Franc. It is aged in 80 % new barrels with an alcohol content of 14.2 %. It has a dark, massive color. Fresh and profound in the nose, with the slightly greenish trace, which is almost typical for Gruaud- Larose. It starts powerful in the mouth, with very good richness and high intensity. It shows a subtle astringency just to the edge of bitterness, which contributes to a special depth with flavors like tar, licorice, graphite and pitch-black chocolate. Because of its great length, large breed, huge power-reserves and intensity, 2018 is one of the best vintages of the past decades for Gruaud-Larose. 94 – 95 BEYCHEVELLE Saint-Julien Parker 94 – 96 | Suckling 93 – 94 | The Beychevelle has a dark, massive color and an offensive, opulent fruity, concentrated nose. Soft, round, and creamy, it starts in the mouth, appears full-bodied with a liqueur-like sweetness and ripe aromatic, a little bit less fresh, with low acidity and slightly rough tannins. Sweet-sour, chocolaty, and very present in the mouth, with a meaty and compact body, this Beychevelle could be accessible quite soon after bottling. On the other hand, it would be possible that this wine tends to ripen quickly.

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