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extraprima Margaux | Bordeaux2018 Margaux 98 – 99 MARGAUX Margaux Parker 97 – 100 | Suckling 99 – 100 | WeinWisser 19.5 + /20 Château Margaux was harvested over a long period, from the 17 th of September to the 13 th of October. The berries, especially those of the Cabernet, were small, the yield reached only 31 hl per hectare, of which 36 % came into the Grand Vin. This consists of 90 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 4 % Merlot and Cabernet Franc each, and 2 % Petit Verdot with 14 % alcohol. The Château Margaux ages in 100 % new barrels. Black and solid is its color. The fruit component shows in the nose a very dark aromatic profile, with blackberries, graphite, and some chocolate, a little bit it reminds of Latour. Very massive and closed, highly condensed, classy, and with immeasurable fullness in the background, Margaux 2018 shows fantastic intensity in the smell. Also in the mouth, it is enormously dark-berry-scented, with massive Cabernet presence, very dense and finely spiced, with rich extraction, vastly spread, and full on the palate. However, Margaux’s frame-setting in 2018 is not quite as big and full as at Ausone, Latour, and Haut-Brion. Enormously powerful and endowed without end, the Margaux looks slightly cool and shimmers a bit dry with minimal roughened tannins. The crystalline acidity gives it a lot of play and length. The rich body shows enormous pressure and sustainability. Graphite, tar, and chocolate vibrate without sweetness in the eternally long finish. In 2018, an outstanding Margaux succeeded, which will be gaining until bottling in terms of grace and feminine elegance. 97 – 98 PALMER Margaux Parker 97 – 99 | Suckling 94 – 95 | WeinWisser 19.5/20 Although the vineyard-team at Palmer is remarkably adept, everything came too late in 2018. Biodynamic farming requires prompt treatment of mildew infection. In just six hours, all the vineyards at Palmer can be thoroughly sprayed with appropriate preparations. That was also done. And yet, in the end, there was only a yield of 11 hl per hectare, similar to Pontet-Canet. So Chris Myers said blatantly: For the future, it will be followed the biodynamic path. But should more often be such loss of yield, they would bury the Biodyn project again, which seems understandable, given the most substantial mildew attack in the past 40 years. This year there will be only 6,000 instead of the usual 24,000 cases of Palmer! It was harvested from the 13 th of September to the 15 th of October with a meticulous selection of grapes. After all, the wine is very successful: 40 % Merlot, 53 % Cabernet Sauvignon and 7 % Petit Verdot came into the assemblage with 14.3 % alcohol. As the grapes have been very small, the extraction process was decided to be softer, and fermentation temperature was limited to 28 ° C. After many tastings of the individual lots, 10 % of the crop was completely declassified because the wines were too harsh. All of the rest went into the production of the Grand Vin. Therefore Alter Ego was not produced. The 2018 Palmer has a black color with a slightly brightening rim. Very massive, liqueur-like, saturated, and with high-density, the Palmer spreads an opulent nose with terrific intensity, bold, red-berry-fruited, and powerful. Enormously concentrated and liqueur-like, the Palmer 2018 also appears in the mouth, very full and opulent, with rich, abundant fruit. Towards the finish, the tannins seem to be a little rougher, and the acidity a little bit harder, but the molten body is able to buffer this. The inner core aroma still appears cool and not warm in its brute presence, the structure seems monolithic, with still limited flow. Overall, Palmer, this year, goes a bit more in breadth and richness rather than length and feminine elegance, due to yield and low juice content in the berries. For lovers of massive Palmer vintages, 2018 is simply ideal. 39 Normal harvest Château Palmer vintage 2016 in July 2017 Smallest harvest Château Palmer vintage 2018 in April 2019

Bordeaux2018 | Margaux extraprima 40 96 – 97 MALESCOT-ST.-EXUPÉRY Margaux Parker 94 – 96 | Suckling 97 – 98 | WeinWisser 18/20 The Malescot St. Exupéry consists of 60 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 32 % Merlot and 8 % Cabernet Franc, aged in 70 % new barriques. It was harvested from the 24 th of September to the 17 th of October with a yield of 52 hl per hectare. The Malescot St. Exupéry has a dark color, a fleshy, intense nose, and begins compact and powerful with fine acidity in the mouth. Dense, full, extremely deep, and spicy, the Malescot St. Exupéry shows its particular class again in 2018. It exudes plenty of juice and sweetness, is remarkably relaxed and elegant, has lots of finesse, and is powerful at the same time, with enormous length and high concentration. In the finish, juiciness, chocolatey richness, and broad tannins find a brilliant final chord. With all its lavish luxuriance, it is nevertheless tightly organized and graceful. The massive tannins serve as a decorative element to the high concentration. Delicate and typical, this is a Margaux with great intensity. Château Malescot Saint Exupéry 94 – 95 GISCOURS Margaux Parker 90 – 92 | Suckling 96 – 97 | WeinWisser 19/20 Dark color. Offensive and bright in the nose, the Giscours 2018 has a lot of power and freshness, with a similar spiciness to the sister-estate Du Tertre. As well, it offers as a dark-berry characteristic with a slightly greenish note. Dense and powerful in the mouth, with dense tannins and sweet, intense, redberry extract, it shows a perfect body. Very polished and long, a bit smooth and constructed, the Giscours must achieve its inner balance with the rest of the aging in barrels. 94 – 95 ISSAN Margaux Parker 94 – 96 | Suckling 95 – 96 | As so often, Issan is a somehow timeless and graceful beauty with a classic style. It consists of 60 % Cabernet Sauvignon and 40 % Merlot, aged in 50 % new barrels with just under 14 % alcohol. 53 % of the grapes were selected for the Grand Vin. Deep and multi-layered, the Issan 2018 presents itself quite loosely, with finely differentiated depth and fresh, crisp fruit. It possesses both red fruits, but also dark-berry accents intermingled together. Its creamy tannin structure has a lot of spice and style; through the deep extract-sweetness and delicate acidity, it has a long, full-bodied finish. Issan again is a classic, archetypical Margaux with a widespread, racy structure and great character because it does not want to be no more than it is. 96 – 97 RAUZAN-SÉGLA Margaux Parker 97 – 99 | Suckling 99 – 100 | WeinWisser 19 + /20 The Rauzan-Ségla consists of 56 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 40 % Merlot, and 2 % each, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, aged in 65 % new barrels with 14 % alcohol. Rauzan-Ségla has a black color. With a cool-toned, rich fruit, some graphite, chocolate, dark-berry-liqueur notes, and massive concentration in the background, the Rauzan-Ségla fills its smell. Also, in the mouth, it impresses with racy, dense structure, generous concentration, as well as notes of tar and licorice in the finish. Well structured, extremely classy, and transparent, eternally deep and long-lasting, it has fine-grained tannins, right intensity, and a tremendous sense of style and finesse. A racy, dark-scented high-class- Margaux. Less exuberant than Malescot, but a bit cooler and brighter in the aromatic profile. Ratings in red and all descriptions by Thomas Boxberger © 2019. Other ratings: Suckling = James Suckling | Parker = Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate Translation of the wine descriptions: Thomas Boxberger and Leo Constantin von Schaabner

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