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Extraprima Bordeaux 2018 Catalog english version

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extraprima Bordeaux2018 91 – 92 BLASON D’ISSAN Margaux Parker 88 – 90 | Suckling 93 – 94 | The Blason d’Issan is a classically, precise Margaux with backbone. Very fragrant, round and creamy, full and tightly woven, with lots of breed and length. It has beautiful, fleshy fruit, good core, and spiciness, as well as great intensity. 43 91 – 92 LE COTEAU Margaux The Le Coteau consists of 75 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 22 % Merlot, and 3 % Petit Verdot. The 2018 Le Coteau is more massive than usual and less elegant than before. It has a high concentration of dark-berry, fleshy fruit, fresh and well-structured, with good transparency and cool-toned character. 91 – 92 MONGRAVEY Margaux Suckling 91 – 92 | The Mongravey consists of 60 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 38 % Merlot, and 2 % Cabernet Franc, aged in 60 % new barrique-barrels. Black color, viscous. Rich, massive, and full, the Mongravey 2018 is highly concentrated and compacted; currently, it shows a bit harsh and severe, with a good, intense aftertaste. That should arrange everything by the time. 91 – 92 OR NORME Margaux Parker 90 – 92 | The Or Norme belongs to the Château Tayac. Black, massive color. Dense and intense, with lots of power and spice, the Or Norme seems slightly over-extracted. Full of pressure and with a rich body, it has a bit too little finesse for his weight. 91 – 92 SÉGLA Margaux Suckling 93 – 94 | The Ségla is the second wine of Rauzan-Ségla. It consists of 54 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 44 % Merlot, and 2 % Petit Verrdot, aged in 25 % new barrels. Black color. Offensive and concentrated, the Ségla has an enormous freshness and rich extract sweetness in the nose. Tight, transparent, and with a good punch in the mouth, it has a perfect body and a tight acidity. Together with the right balance it has an animating drinking flow. 91 – 92 TAYAC Margaux Parker 88 – 90 | Suckling 88 – 89 | Black color. The Tayac shows a lot of juice and fullness with rich extraction, while it has a lot of creaminess and good flow. So the Tayac presents itself as a modern, polished Margaux with good concentration. The Or Norme from the same producer is a bit overambitious. 90 – 91 DESMIRAIL Margaux Parker 87 – 89 | Suckling 91 – 92 | Rich, sweet, and massive, the Desmirail shows excellent structure and density. Creamy and rich in extraction, the tannins are somewhat dull and dry. The Desmirail seems a bit bold and massive. 90 – 91 SIRAN Margaux Parker 91 – 93 | Suckling 94 – 95 | The Siran supports a good dark-berry structure; it is full and fresh, with lots of juice and some dull tannins. In the aftertaste, it has a tendency to hardness and severe charisma with restrained fruit. 90 – 91 LA TOUR DE MONS Margaux Parker 88 – 90 | Suckling 92 – 93 | The La Tour de Mons has a lighter color and a restrained nose with leathery notes. Sweetish round, concentrated and corpulent in the mouth, with plenty of substance and pressure, lemony fruit-aspects and racy acidity, but also hard tannins. 89 – 90 CHEVALIER DE LASCOMBES Margaux 88 – 89 MARSAC-SÉGUINEAU Margaux

Bordeaux2018 | Graves and Péssac-Léognan rouge extraprima 44 Graves and Péssac-Léognan rouge 98 – 99 HAUT-BRION Péssac-Léognan rouge Parker 97 – 99 | Suckling 98 – 99 | WeinWisser 20/20 At Haut-Brion, the mildew was well under control with eight sprayings. There was a bit of coulure on the Cabernets, and the vineyards close to the city got a bit of hail so that a yield of 45 hl per hectare could be harvested for white and red wines. The red Haut-Brion reached 14.6 % alcohol and consists of 49.4 % Merlot, 38.7 % Cabernet Sauvignon and 11.9 % Cabernet Franc. A total of 51 % of the production went into the Grand Vin, which was aged in 60 % new barrels. Dark color. The wide-spread nose of the Haut-Brion presents itself entirely in one piece, expansive, saturated, and fruity. Full, intense, and immensely profound, this Haut-Brion is extraordinarily balanced and multi-layered in the mouth, with a dense structure, exceptional energy, and fine acidity. The widely distributed tannins make use of one of the largest-scaled frames of the vintage, are tight and fine-grained, and imperceptibly integrate into the cathedral-like, monumental structure. Fresh and perfectly polished, once again, this Haut-Brion shows everything in the right place. Very fine and differentiated, with great, noble class and the most delicate fruit. 2018 is now the fourth vintage in a row, in which Haut-Brion is at the very top of the best Bordeaux. Only Ausone can keep pace at this level from 2015 to 2018! 97 – 98 LA MISSION HAUT-BRION Péssac-Léognan rouge Parker 98 – 100 | Suckling 97 – 98 | WeinWisser 19.5/20 At La Mission, the same vineyard work as at Haut- Brion was equally successful. Again, the yield is 45 hl per hectare. With 14.4 % alcohol, the La Mission shows a slightly lighter content than the Haut-Brion. For the Grand Vin 53 % of the production were used. The assemblage consists of 53.5 % Merlot, 42.9 % Cabernet Sauvignon, and 3.6 % Cabernet Franc, and was aged in 60 % new barrels. Dark color. Dark-berry-flavor, dense and fleshy, the nose of La Mission presents itself, full and rich, with good energy and high intensity. Powerful, fresh and with a darkberry-component, the La Mission begins in the mouth, felt with low-acidity and full-bodied meaty fruit. Its pungent tannins are profound and have a big tension with an elegant and appealing spiciness. With very good length, rich dark-berry-extract sweetness, and a good deal of force, it reminds a bit of the phenomenal La Mission 1989.

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